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Take quizzes to reinforce what you learned in PreMed courses. Customize quiz length, difficulty, and topics.


Practice full MCAT section exams. The better you perform, the more we challenge you until you’re ready for the real thing.


AdaptPrep helps you build your confidence so you can go into the MCAT and get the score you desire.

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What Students Say

AdaptPrep is an amazing tool! The single passages were excellent warm-ups and the exams helped me to constantly check my progress for the [Critical Analysis and Reasoning Skills] portion.



Dynamic Practice Questions

Get the right questions at the right time with quizzes and exams that challenge you at your level. Exams get harder the better you perform.

Discussion Forum

Get help on your specific questions from our community of professors, MCAT coaches, and students.

Section Reports

See your progress across each topic. Identify areas to focus on in your studying.

The MCAT Experience

Get a feel for the real exam in a study platform designed to closely replicate the MCAT.

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By purchasing this software, your professor may receive progress reports on your performance with practice questions.