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AdaptPrep attacked the material in a very helpful manor. Unlike a 3-hour nonstop class, you can focus on each topic at whatever the individuals best pace is. I was able to go through all the material in a timely manner and came away with enough knowledge to pass.

Daniel, Level III User



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  • 300+ Practice Questions
  • 1 Mock Essay Exam
  • Detailed Solutions
  • Condensed Review Material


  • Clear, Concise Explanations
  • 38 Readings Covering All 6 Exam Topics
  • 100+ In-Depth Video Lessons
  • 30+ Total Video Hours



All the Features of:

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Every Plan Includes

Discussion Forums

Our community of CFA® Charterholders, AdaptPrep coaches, and candidates answer your questions and exchange study methods.

Condensed Outline

All the important exam topics summarized in one place for maximum memorization and rapid review.

Study Schedule

A special spreadsheet you can customize to plan out your entire exam prep journey and use your time efficiently.