Success Stories

Our mission at AdaptPrep is to provide tools to help you pass exams. Hear success stories from our users or send us your success story.

  • The AdaptPrep mocks will give you the following three things: Exam stamina (the preparedness to sit a 6 hour exam), Exam confidence (a good idea about one's ability to pass the exam) and finally a wide array of questions that will help you finding and filling any gaps of knowledge to improve your performance on the exam day.
  • AdaptPrep helped me be well-prepared for the exam. Mike Carmody's presentation is my favorite, and with his help, complected concept just becomes much easier to understand.
  • Having sat the exam, I can confidently say AdaptPrep's materials will give you ample testing to evaluate your ability to pass. The variety of different difficulties provide a very comforting environment in which to steadily assess your improving ability to tackle the exam. I would not only recommend their product, but will certainly be using them for L2.
  • Great product! Particularly liked the mock tests and the measurement tool to check the progress.
  • I believe AdaptPrep was essential in my studying for the CFA Level I exam. Their videos are clear, easy to watch, and are of a very high quality. The practice exams and quizzes are second to none, and I would attribute my performance on the CFA exam to being able to practice 2500+ questions prior to test day. I cannot recommend AdaptPrep more and will be using them for the remainder of my CFA studying.