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    Learn everything you need to know to pass Level I with our detailed video lessons and corresponding study manual.

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    Refresh yourself on key CFA® exam concepts with the formula sheet and videos.

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    Practice exam-style questions that get harder as you get smarter. Take focused quizzes or full exams.

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    Get predictive analytics of your score on each exam topic based on your Practice performance.

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I believe AdaptPrep was essential in my studying for the CFA Level I exam. Their videos are clear, easy to watch, and are of a very high quality. The practice exams and quizzes are second to none, and I would attribute my performance on the CFA exam to being able to practice 2500+ questions prior to test day. I cannot recommend AdaptPrep more and will be using them for the remainder of my CFA studying.
Great product! Particularly liked the mock tests and the measurement tool to check the progress.
The AdaptPrep mocks will give you the following three things: Exam stamina (the preparedness to sit a 6 hour exam), Exam confidence (a good idea about one's ability to pass the exam) and finally a wide array of questions that will help you finding and filling any gaps of knowledge to improve your performance on the exam day.

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Level I
  • 40+ hours Video Lessons
  • 490+ page Printable Manual
Learn Level I
180 day subscription
Level I December
  • Adaptive 2,500+ Q-bank
  • Video Solutions
  • Includes Review Products Free
Level I December 2017
  • Learn: 40+ hours of Video plus Manual
  • Review: Videos and Formula Sheet
  • Practice: Adaptive 3,000+ Q-bank
  • Renewals: 1 Free renewal if you don't pass
    (must sit for an exam in order to renew)
Complete Level I
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Your CFA® Exam Coaches

Mike Carmody CFA, FSA, MAAA

Mike has been helping people like you pass some of the most challenging financial exams since 1998 and founded Passed Tense (now AdaptPrep) in 2012. Mike teaches our video lesson for Levels I, II, and III. Mike is known for Study JAM, popular seminars and materials for investment-related actuarial exams. Mike is an accomplished entrepreneur and has started a consulting practice, an investment advisory company, an exam prep company, and a number of innovative ventures involving annuities. Mike's favorite topic is Equity Investments.

Keith Lo FSA

Keith is a finance educator focused on helping CFA candidates attain their credentials. His academic background is in economics, with a Master's from the London School of Economics and a Bachelor's from Harvard University. As the CFA® Exam Product Manager of AdaptPrep, Keith enjoys helping our students learn finance effectively. Keith's favorite topic is Economics.

Tong Khon Teh CFA, FSA

Tong is the content manager for CFA and is an expert in advising people on how to pass exams. Tong has been teaching and creating content for financial-focused actuarial exams since 2011. Tong's favorite topics are FRA and Portfolio Management.