How Adapt Works

What is Adapt?

The Adapt Exam Engine powers our Practice products. Adapt is an adaptive learning exam engine for efficient exam preparation. To put it more simply, Adapt gives you the right questions at the right time so you don’t waste your valuable study time. Adapt is “smart” in that it uses data from student’s exams to learn how to adapt even better.

The Earned Level is the center of Adapt, giving feedback on your progress and building confidence for the exam.

Adapt was invented by Tim Huffman, PhD in mathematics, to help actuarial students pass their exams. Actuarial exams are some of the most difficult in the world, with less than 50% of students passing. Our data shows that when actuarial students use Adapt to get to an Earned Level of 7, over 90% of them pass.

After 900,000 quizzes and exams in Adapt and years of customer input, we thought it was time that even more students benefit from Adapt-powered studying and get Earned Level confidence to succeed on the exam.

How does Adapt work?

Adapt uses complex mathematical algorithms to adapt to your study needs. Here are the three primary ways Adapt’s technology works for you.

Adaptive question difficulty

Questions in Adapt are rated by difficulty level from 0 to 10. These are established first by our content experts but are refined by an advanced algorithm that analyzes student answers. The questions are “normed” so that a 5 to 7 is on par with the average difficulty of the exam. We optimize these algorithms during our alpha and beta tests of new exams. Adapt gets smarter as it gets more data.

Adaptive exam difficulty

Your first test in Adapt begins with questions of lower difficulty level, typically from 0-4. After each successful exam, your Earned Level will increase. The increase depends on factors such as how difficult the exam is, your current Earned Level, and how many questions you got correct on the exam. As your Earned Level increases, Adapt gives you more challenging questions.

Adaptive skill target (Earned Level)

Our goal for you is to successfully pass full exams that are slightly harder than the real exam, as this will best prepare you for the hard questions that will inevitably be on the exam. Most students take 7 full Adapt exams to get to an Earned Level of 7 to be confident to succeed on the exam. In our experience, students usually go on to take several more exams, as many as 40+ to get fully prepared.